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   Community News & Cultural Events  
  LCUK Sports Festival 2008  

The Lohana Community UK LSA Sports event will be hosted at the Gosling Sports Park in Welwyn Garden City over two days - Saturday 3rd May and Sunday 4th May 2008.

  See our website at www.LCUK.org.uk (LSA 2008 page) for more details on the individual and team sports to be played and click here to download an entry form. Entries will only be accepted until Tuesday 29th April 2008 - please send in your registration and entry details asap. For any queries please email LSA2008@LCUK.org.uk or contact Kiritbhai Karia on 0208 903 1413.  
  LCUK Variety Show 2008  
  LCUK Variety Show 2008 results - This annual event was hosted on Sunday 24th February 2008 in Watford Colisium, Rickmansworth Road, Watford. Mahajans across the UK presented variety items to show off the talents of their young members. The winners were Lohana Community South London with their dance item "Aaja Nachle", second were East London and third were Ashton-U-Lyne.  
  Lohana Appointed By Eton To Teach Religion  
  Symbolising the growing influence of Hindus in the UK, a prestigious British college has appointed a Lohana for the first time to impart religious teaching.  
  Head of the Hindu Academy and Education Director for the Hindu Council in UK, Jay Lakhani will provide pastoral support and religious teaching to Hindu boys at Eton college and contribute to its inter-faith activities.  
  Mr Lakhani said: "I see this as an exciting opportunity to explore a broader vision of spirituality with the boys at Eton College, particularly how the Hindu idea of spiritual humanism manages to reconcile differences between religious and secular world-views. Religious pluralism offers the best prescription for making religions once again the cohesive force in our society."  
  Eton and Harrow are thought to be the world's two most famous public school for boys, known for producing boys who, in later years, often distinguish themselves - whether in corridors of power and wealth or on the battlefield. Our congratulations to Jay Lakhani on his achievement.  
   Forthcoming Religious & Cultural Events  
  Lohana Girls Promote An Indian Classical Dance Event.  
  A group of London Lohana girls who are part of a group called AKS 'Reflection of Kathak' and are holding four dance shows, purely on the classical art form of Kathak, to help preserve our culture.

They have organised professional Kathak dancers as well as professional artists from India to accompany with live music on sitar, tabla, vocal, flute etc. The shows are to be held at prestigious venues such as the Art Depot in Finchley and Watermans Theatre in Brentford, as well as in Slough and Wembley. Click here

   Readers Contributions  
  Petition For Gandhiji Statue In Leicester  

Sign up to ask the Prime Minister to support the application to Leicester City Council that a statue of Mahatma Gandhi be erected in Leicester. The statue would celebrate the life and work of Gandhi as the leadfing figure of non-violent resistance and as a champion of inter-cultural harmony and cooperation. Please click on the link to confirm your signature on the petition. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Leicester/BdWFFiCYZOeaCKxL9KAv5o2

  The petition was created by Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP and reads 'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to support the application to Leicester City Council that a statue of Mahatma Gandhi be erected in Leicester. The statue would celebrate the life and work of Gandhi as the leadfing figure of non-violent resistance and as a champion of inter-cultural harmony and cooperation.  
  Good Website To Learn Gujarati  
  How good is your or your children's Gujarati? Do they need to improve? Here is a site worth visiting - http://kids.baps.org/gujarati/index.htm  
  Kenyans Sing For India  

This is worth four minutes of your time. You will love it! Imagine wananchi wa Kenya na oumba national anthem ya Wahindi !! Mimi me stajabu !!! (For those who might have forgotten Kiswahili means : Can you imagine local Kenyans sing national anthem of India!! I am amazed !!!)

May 10th has been designated as Pangea Day, the purpose of which is to bring the people of different cultures and political beliefs in the world together through film. The ultimate mission of Pangea Day is WORLD PEACE! One way they are trying to accomplish the mission is by having people of different countries sing national anthems of countries other than their own.

The people indigenous people of Kenya decided to sing the national anthem of India since there is a fairly large Indian population in Kenya. While the Indians who have lived in East Africa will be able to relate to it more than other Indians, everyone of Indian origin will enjoy. Turn on your speakers and click on the following URL or copy and paste in your Internet Explorer.

  Vcashpoint - young people improving their community.  
  Vcashpoint, an initiative of V, the youth volunteering charity, is giving away £1 million to 16-25 year olds in England who want to set up their own volunteering project in their community. Applicants are invited to apply for grants of up to £2,500.
vcashpoint funds new projects that are led by young people and really make a difference to the community. Your project should create at least three new opportunities for young people to volunteer.
  These could include: running activities for children - transforming a community space - supporting victims of bullying - running workshops for young people - setting up a campaign - clearing up a beach - running music, art or sports events for disadvantaged people - organising a festival to bring different cultures or communities together… or something totally different… Be creative!  
  Vcashpoint will fund new projects or ideas which aim to expand or develop projects which have been carried out once in the past, involving new young volunteers. All projects must create at least three NEW volunteering opportunities for 16-25 year olds, be youth-led, take place in England and benefit a chosen community. vcashpoint must be the only source of funding for the project.
The next application deadline: 25th April 2008. For more information visit the V website:
  Gurjar Hindu Union (GHU) turns 40  
  GHU are building a Sanatan Mandir and Community Centre in Crawley, Sussex. See their website at www.crawleyhindu.com for more details.  
  Gujarat, The Land Of The Legends  
  Click the link to view the YouTube video - a must to watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6A91F2W7XM  
  Amazing Video Of Indian Dabawalas  
  This amazing group of transporters bring lunch to thousands of office workers daily. The sheer logistical challenge is amazing. You can't fit a lunchbox on the crowded trains in India, so these guys do a good business delivering hot lunches all over the city.
They charge $8 a month to the householder and for that will pickup and return the lunch containers daily. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3nHLhaevWc&feature=related
  Articles from our Readers are hosted on the www.Lohana.info website. If you have any interesting articles then email them to eNews@LCUK.org.uk - please let us know if you have got the articles from another website so we can acknowledge them. Any comments and feedback welcome for all these articles - write to Feedback@LCUK.org.uk.  
   Community Announcements  
Lataben and Pradipbhai Chandarana of Birmingham are happy to announce the engagement of their beloved daughter Nehal to Shami, beloved son of Shashibhai and Rajshreeben Lakhani of Coventry.

Roopa, daughter of Subhashbhai & Varshaben Rajani from Birmingham got engaged to Aatish, son of Sureshbhai & Kalaben Suchak from Stanmore. Our heartiest congratulations to both the engaged couples and their families.

  Jaykar, son of Ranjitbhai and Minaben Panchmatia of Leicester, got married to Anita, daughter of Ajaybhai and Bansariben Jobanputra of South London on Saturday 29th March 2008. Congratulations and best wishes to the newly weds and their families.  
  Shree Rugnathbhai Kalidasbhai Sachdev of Finchley (formerly Soroti) passed away on 12th April at the age of 84 years.  
  Shree Rameshchandra Liladharbhai Vithalji Kakad passed away on 5th April 2008 in Nottingham aged 67.
  Smt Jayaben Chhotalal Marjaria of Kenton (formerly Tabora/ Dar es Salam) passed away on 2nd April. She was daughter of Harilalbhai Devchand Gadhia of Kampala and mother of Harshillaben Raja.  
  Shree Vinubhai Devchand Pabari Of Toronto, Canada (formerly Kenya), husband of Anooben, father of Seema & Sanjiv and brother to Ushaben Popat, Satishbhai, Prakashbhai & Latabhabhi, passed away on Saturday March 29th.  
  Shree Jayantibhai (Babubhai) Lalji Kurji Mamtora aged 72, of Edgware (formerly of Blantyre, Malawi) passed away on 26th March 2008.  
  Shree Jayantibhai (Babubhai) Lalji Kurji Mamtora aged 72, of Edgware (formerly of Blantyre, Malawi) passed away on 26th March 2008.  
  Smt. Vrajkoonver Gordhandas Chandarana, aged 97 of Iganga, Uganda, sadly passed away on 23rd March 2008.  
  Smt. Jayaben Natwarlalbhai Kotecha of Wembley (formerly Malawi) passed away on 23rd March at the age of 67 years  
  Shree Subhashbhai Maganbhai Gokani of Greenhyde, Kent (formerly Kabale) passed away 23rd March at the age of 58 years  
  Smt. Narbdabai Purshottam Sachdev of East London passed away at the age of 80 years  
  Smt. Rohiniben Vinodbhai Thakar of Wood Green (formerly Kampala) passed away on 17th March at the age of 53 years  
  Doctor Shree Harishbhai Meghjibhai Rughani of Windsor (formerly Zanzibar) passed away on 11th March at the of 67 years  
  Smt Kanchanben Vallabhbhai Rabheru of Stockport, Manchester (formerly Mwanza) passed away at the age of 91 years  
  Shree Chhaganlal Karsandas Ghelani (C K Ghelani) of Leicester (formally Of Soroti, Uganda) passed away on 6th March 2008  
  Smt Shantaben Harilal Teli Of Phildelphia, Usa (Formerly of Kampala), mother of Sureshbhai Teli of Bristol and Sarlaben Adatia of Harrow passed away on 28th Feb aged 89 years.  
  Shree Ramniklal Manjibhai Pujara of Finchley (formally of Nairobi, Kenya) passed away on Wednesday, 27 February 2008 aged 78.  
  Shree Rajnikant Vallabhdas Madhvani of Jinja, Uganda passed away on 26th February aged 67 years  
  Smt Shantaben Tulsibhai Dasani of Isleworth (formerly Tanzania) passed away on 26th February at the age of 76 years.  
  Smt. Shantaben Govinjibhai Somani of Harrow (formerly Nakuru) passed away at the age of 92 years.  
  Shree Kaushik (Kash) Sureshbhai Morarjibhai Thakrar(Bhai Bhai) of Rickmansworth (formerly Kamuli) passed away on 22nd February at the of 39 years  
  Shree Rasikbhai Rughnathbhai Gondhia of Mbale, Uganda passed away on 18th February aged 71 years.  
  Smt. Chandrikaben Buddhdev of Ontario, Canada passed away on February 14th  
  Smt. Damyantiben Navinchandra Radia of Pinner (formerly Kampala) d/o Bhagwanjibhai Gordhanbhai Thakrar (of Nairobi) passed away on 12th February.  
  Shree Satishbhai Son Of N.D. Kataria (Temple Wine) of Southgate (formerly Barara) passed away on 9th February at the age of 54 years.  
  Smt. Kantaben Kakubhai Majithia of Welwyn Garden City (formerly Kampala) passed away on 7th February at the age of 83 years.  
  Shree Rajnikant (Batuk) Dhirajlal Sanghani of Nairobi, Kenya passed away on 31st January.  
  Smt. Manglaben Chaganlal Manek of Chicago (formerly Dar Es Salam) passed away in Chigago on 30th January.  
  Smt. Sarswatiben Babulal Manek of Coventry passed away on 24th January.  
   Contributions & Feedback  
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  Similarly, if you have any feedback to give us on this e-newsletter please email the Convenor Ajay Jobanputra on feedback@lcuk.org.uk - thank you for your time and support.  
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