Happy New Year 2008 from the LCUK President, Trustees, Executive, Central Council and all the eNews Reporters - hope you all have enjoyed the festive season and celebrations for Diwali, Xmas and New Year. This is the first issue for the start of our third year of publication. Your support has been excellent and our subscription list in UK and worldwide continues to grow. Our Readers have sent in contributions from all walks of life and we are covering various subjects to do with India news and elections, health, community and humour - enjoy this New Year edition.  
   Community News & Events  

The LCUK demonstrated their matrimonial website to all the UK Lohana Mahajan committee members and supporters on 16th December 2007 at the Nagrecha Hall in East London. The automated matching and introduction service is offered currently to all eligible Lohanas in the UK and about 70 suitable candidates have registered to date. An full advertising campaign will be launched soon via the UK Gujarati press to inform Lohana families of the website.

Hasubhai and Vinubhai Nagrecha provided complimentary use of the venue for the demo and formally declared the website open on behalf of LCUK. Very good feedback was received from the 150 plus people who attended. A special offer has been made by the Nagrecha family - the first 3 engagements / weddings achieved via the Lohana Matchmaker service will qualify for FREE use of their new hall which has a capacity of 1000 people - this is subject to availability on the dates required. Our thanks to the Nagrecha family for this very generous offer.

  Please support this very essential service for our Community and pass the word around to all your Lohana friends and family.  
  LCUK Variety SHow 2008  
  This annual event is to be hosted on Sunday 24th February 2008 in Watford Colisium, Rickmansworth Road, Watford, WD1 7JN. Mahajans across the UK will be presenting variety items to show off the talents of their young members. Raas, garba, bollywood dances and heritage songs have been presented in the past to a very high standard as Mahajans compete for the top prizes in their category. Tickets are £7.50, £10, £15 and £17.50. See the LCUK website at www.LCUK.org.uk for details of the programme and ticket availability. Numbers are limited and the show is always sold out so book your tickets in advance..  
  International Lohana Community News  
  The Lohana Cultural Association of Canada has it's AGM in Toronto on Sunday February 10th 2008 - Click here to see their December 2007 Newsletter and visit their website at www.myLohana.com for more information on their activities. A mini "Lohana Adhivation" event is being proposed for March 2008 - watch this space for more news on this.  
  The Lohana Samaj of USA has also published a newsletter - Click Here to see their January 2008 newsletter and visit their website at www.LohanaSamajUSA.org for more details of their Welcome 2008 New Year Party on Saturday January 26th.  
   Forthcoming Religious & Cultural Events  
  Talks on Hinduism are being shown Every Sunday morning at 10 am in simple English on Aastha TV especially aimed at the Hindu youth.  
  • A series of 30 talks by Jay (Dilipbhai) Lakhani is being broadcast on AASTHA FREEVIEW channel
  • Every Sunday morning from 10am to 11am - started on 9th of December 2007
  • Even if you do not subscribe to AASTHA you can view the talks because they are FREE to watch
  • So click Sky channel 808 every Sunday morning at 10am
  • They present Hinduism in a focused and rational format
  YLANL raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity  
  On Saturday 1st December 2007 Young Lohana Association of North London organised a special event called "The L Factor" which had taken a few months to organise. The evening consisted of a showcase of different acts (such as singing, tabla, guitar, dancing, vocal ability, etc.) from London and various parts of the UK. All participants had worked very hard for the previous few months in order to deliver a fun packed and entertaining evening as well as raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.  
  The event took place at the Zoroastrian Centre, Alexandra Avenue, Harrow. At the end of the evening there was a chance for the audience, which consisted of around 300 people, to vote for the favourite act. The sister sister dance performance by Karishma Raichada (aged 9) and Kareena Raichada (aged 5), who were amongst the youngest participants, were awarded the "L" factor award as a result of receiving the highest audience vote. Runner-up prize went to a group filmi dance group from Leicester headed by Rupa Nathwani. Our congratulations to YLANL, the Raichada sisters and Rupa Nathwani on their achievements.  
  Culture Corner  
  Links for listening to Bhagavad Gita online in Hindi or Gujarati  
  The Bhagvad Gita  
  Original Sanskrit and an English Translation - click here to read.  
  The Hindu Prayer Book  
  The meaning of Hinduism and all the prayers in English - click here to read.  
   Readers Contributions  
  World Clock  
  It's so hard to believe the rate of speed everything is happening...check it out! Click here  
  Waqt Nahi  
  "Saare Naam Mobile Mein Hain, Par Dosti Ke Liye Waqt Nahi. Gairon Ki Kya Baat Karen, Jab Apno Ke Liye Hi Waqt Nahi." Click here to read some more lovely shairies  
  Proposal for a 3 month stay limit and £1000 bond on visitors to UK  
  Please click here to sign the petition asking the Government to reconsider its ludicrous proposal to enforce a 3 month visitors visa plus a £1000 bond for ALL overseas visitors - this will definitely impact on all of us who have families/ parents in India, East Africa & other places.  
  Please note you will have to furnish a working e-mail address, since on completing the petition, you will receive an email with a link that will have to be clicked on to register your signature to the petition.  
  Top Architect of Gujarat - CM Shri Narendra Modi  
  There are few leaders who can claim to have changed the world for the better, and Narendra Modi is one of them. Thanks to his will of iron, his vision, his wisdom, his courage and his eloquence, the sun is shining again in Gujarat. We all owe Narendra Modi a huge debt for his courage, dedication and tenacity in putting Gujarat back on its feet and helping to face down and extinguish terrorism and making Gujarat the most secure state in the nation.

Today, thanks to Narendra Modi's leadership, Gujarat is at the forefront of investment attraction in the country and is rated as the number one state in India our beloved motherland. Narendra Modi is one of the most articulate, intelligent, and gifted public servants currently in office in India. For many years we have been impressed with his brilliant leadership skills, thorough knowledge of what is wrong with the country and have the guts to do something about it. How the country needs his brand of honesty and realism today!

Unquestionably Narendra Modi's Government in Gujarat has made exceptionally good economic progress benefiting most sections of the Society. The state has achieved the highest degree of administrative efficiency and modernization. In fact, Gujarat has become the best-governed and number one state in the country where regional and national pride is overflowing. Never before have the people of India such as ourselves been so united behind one singular leader. Unlike other ephemeral post-independence leaders, Narendra Modi will stand out ever more clearly in history as a pivotal figure in twenty first century world politics.
  Handbook for overseas Indians  
  This book will offer a picture of investment opportunities and entrepreneurial activities in India. The Handbook will also facilitate greater understanding of the environs and help Overseas Indians to work, invest and flourish in their own country. Click here to download a copy  
  "Kamal Kare Che - ek Dosi Dosa ne haju waal kare che"  
  Turn on your speakers and click here listen to this rather nice Gujarati mp3 tune - enjoy!  
  Old Hindi Classic Songs online  
  Click here. These songs will surely bring old memories for some of you. The sound is good but the old film clips are not that great. Enjoy..
  Vitamin B12-deficiency anaemia  
  Anaemia is a condition in which the blood cannot carry enough oxygen, either because there is a low number of red blood cells or because each red blood cell is less able to carry oxygen than normal. Click here to read more about the different types, symptoms and cures. click here  
  Cinnamon & Honey  
  Click here to see the Powerpoint slides on this powerful healthy combination.  
  Articles from our Readers are hosted on the www.Lohana.info website. If you have any interesting articles then email them to eNews@LCUK.org.uk - please let us know if you have got the articles from another website so we can acknowledge them. Any comments and feedback welcome for all these articles - write to Feedback@LCUK.org.uk.  
   Community Announcements  

Kiranben and Subhashbhai Thakrar of South London are very happy to announce that their beloved son Rishi has been engaged to Sheena, beloved daughter of Gitaben and Bhikubhai Gadhia of Kingsbury, London on 24th November 2007. Our heartiest congratulations to the couple and their families.

  Shree Dwarkadasbhai Haridasbhai Kotecha of Wembley (formerly Kakamega) passed away on 18th January at the age of 75 years.  
  Shree Karsandasbhai Laxmidasbhai Pabari of Wembley (formerly Kampala) passed away on 17th January at the age of 94 years.
  Shree Mathuradasbhai Lakhani of Coventry passed away on 17th January at the age of 84 years at University Hospital Coventry  
  Shree Chimanlal Harjivandas Makanji Unadkat of Wembley (formerly of Malawi & Zimbabwe) passed away on 11th January 2008 at the age of 69 years  
  Shree Nileshbhai Raja, Son of Harishbhai and Prafullaben Raja of Leicester (formerly of Iganga) passed away on 9th January 2008 at the age of 23 years  
  Smt. Hemanginiben Kishorebhai Hathi of Kingsbury, Brent daughter of Late Surendrabhai and Kantaben Jobabputra (formerly of Kampala) passed away at the age of 55 years on 7th January 2008 in Borivalli, Mumbai (India).  
  Smt. Jayaben Babulal Tulsidas Modi of Roehampton (formerly Nairobi) passed away on 6th January at the age of 85 years.  
  Shree Narshidas Ranchhoddas Thakrar of Barnet, Hertfordshire (formerly of Vadvala, Gujarat and Kampala) passed away at the age of 89 years on 30th December 2007 in Samana Bahu, Haryana, India  
  Shree Karsanbhai Lalijibhai Sodha Of Barnet (formerly Sotik, Kisumu) passed away on 29th December 2007 at the age of 86 years.  
  Shree Chunibhai Anandjibhai Nathwani of New Malden (Formerly Kisumu) passed away 26th December at the age of 86 years.  
  Smt. Champaben Shantilal Madhani Of Ilford (formerly Nairobi) sister of Maganlal Sunderji Popat of Thakar & Shah Of Nairobi, passed away on 26th December at the age of 76 years.  
  Shree Pramodbhai Vithaldas Davda of Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex (formerly of Tabora, Tanzania) passed away on 19th December  
  Smt. Pratimaben Vasanjibhai Ruparelia (originally from Kampala then Harrow) sadly passed away on Monday 10th December 2007  
  Shree Jayantilal Anderji Madhani of Stanmore (formerly Nairobi) passed away monday 3oth november at the age of 69 years.  
  Shree Mayank Dayalal Kanani beloved father of Mira and Neil, beloved husband and soulmate of Rupa, beloved son of Kesarben and Late Dahyalalbhai Kanani and beloved son-in-law of Rashmikantbhai and Madhuben Ruparelia passed away on Wednesday, November 28th in Torono, Canada..  
  Smt. Dhirajben Laxmidasbhai Thobhani (maiden surname Kotecha) of Ruislip (formerly Soroti) passed away on 26th November at the age of 70 years.  
  Smt. Manjuben Prabhudasbhai Paw (maiden surname Thakrar) of Ruislip (formerly Jinja /Soroti) passed away on 25th November at the age of 75 years.  
  Smt. Meenaben Rajani D/O Chaganlal Rugnathbhai Mashru of Wandsworth (formerly Jinja) passed away on 13th November at the age of 64 years.  
  Smt. Savitaben Vandravanbhai Dattani (sister Of Waljibhai, Jayantibhai, Kantibhai, Laxmidasbhai Davda) of Harrow (formerly Kampala) passed away On 9th November at the age of 75 years.  
  Shree Laljibhai Govinjibhai Bathia (great grandson of Davarambapa) of Pinner (formerly Jinja) passed away on 11th November at the age of 67 years.  
  RHIYA daughter of Jay And Shatl Malin passed away on 7th November at the age of two and half years old. She was grand daughter of Rajnibhai and Sheilaben Popat and great grand daughter of Manilal and Taraben Raja.  
  Shree Dilikumar Govinjibhai Ruparel of Hemel Hampstead (formerly Jinja) passed away on 7th November at the age of 78 years.  
  Smt. Prabhaben Gokaldas Kotecha of Harrow (formerly Iganga) passed away on 1st November at the age of 87 years.  
  Shree Ramnikbhai Gordhandas Kotecha of North Harrow (formally Nairobi, Kenya) passed away on 29th October at the age of 76 years.  
  Shree Ratilalbhai Nagji Kanabar Of Kenton (Formerly Kisumu) passed away on 29th October at the age of 75 years.  
  Smt. Indiraben Chandarana of South London, wife of Shree Pravinbhai Chandarana and daughter of Shree Narottambhai Jivandas Raja of Kisumu Kenya, passed away on 28th October.  
  Smt Muktaben Gokaldas Sodha, of Kisumu Kenya passed away in Mississauga on October 17th, 2007 at the age of 92 years.  
  Smt Kamudiben Natubhai Davda of Lisbon Portugal passed away 19th October at the age of 66 years.  
  Shree Himatbhai Gordhandas Popat of Popat Food Stores Wembley (formerly Tabora) passed away on 16th October at the age of 73 years.  
  Shree Biharilal Rai eldest brother of Kirit Rai and Devendra Rai passed away in Canada on Sunday October 7 th, 2007 after a short illness.  
   Contributions & Feedback  
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  Similarly, if you have any feedback to give us on this e-newsletter please email the Convenor Ajay Jobanputra on feedback@lcuk.org.uk - thank you for your time and support.  
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