Happy New Year to all our Readers - hope you have all enjoyed the festive season and are now rested and refreshed, ready for the challenges of 2010. We have not had a full sized eNewsletter issue since August 2009 but have sent out several event / update issues as required. Feedback remains positive and we will continue with a full schedule for eNews for this year. Thanks for your continued support for LCUK eNews - please get your Lohana friends and family to subscribe free at www.Lohana.info
Community News & Events
  LCUK Election Results  
  The LCUK Annual Delegates Conference was held on 13th September 2009 and the following Officers were appointed to the Executive:  
Pannaben Raja
Hiteshbhai Thakker
Vice President
Pradipbhai Chandarana
Vice President
Sunilbhai Majithia
Secretary General
Shekharbhai Kakkad
Prafulbhai Nathwani
Press Officer
Rajulben Tejura
Asst. Secretary
Umeshbhai Sachdev
Asst. Secretary
Subhashbhai Rajani
Asst. Treasurer
  Kiritbhai Karia remains as the Imm. Past President and Kantilal Savjani is the Imm. Past Secretary. Trustees were elected as follows:  
Pravinbhai Sanghani
Ajaybhai Jobanputra
South London
Dhirubhai Pau
North London
Ashokbhai Kotecha
Shantibhai Kotecha
  Sureshbhai Modi was appointed as LCUK Honorary Auditor.  
  LCUK Variety Show 2010  
The annual Variety Show will be hosted on Sunday 21st March 2010 in Leicester. Lohana Mahajans across the UK will present variety items in this annual competition which LCUK is proud to host and provide a platform for Lohana Youths. Watch the LCUK website at www.LCUK.org.uk for more details on venue and ticket prices.
  LCUK Easter Sports 2010  
  The Easter Sports event will be hosted at the Stantonbury Sports Centre in Milton Keynes on Saturday 3rd April and Sunday 4th April. Sports played will include Badminton, Pool, Indoor Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, etc. Click Here for more details.  
  LCUK Directory Project Update  
  The LCUK Directory has been delayed mainly due to availability of people over the holiday period. Data verification and checking have been completed and the LCUK are planning to complete proof checking and start printing in January 2010. Thank you for your on-going support for this very important project. The Directory Project Team are aiming to deliver another quality Directory to celebrate the LCUK's 30th anniversary.  
  Lohana Community South London Buys Community Centre  
  LCSL have exchanged contracts on a church hall property in Croydon and completion is planned for early March 2010. The property has two halls with a total 3815 sq ft and has two entrance lobbies, a large stage, kitchen, offices and cloackroom facilities. See the LCSL website at www.LCSL.org.uk for more details on the property and its future use.  
LCUK Lohana Professionals Network Grows
The LCUK Lohana Professionals Network (LPN) hosted a very successful first networking event in London at The Mustard Bar in St. Paul's on 15th October 2009. Venue capacity limited the number to 130 attending, so pre-registration was required and over 150 requests were received. Bowling & Co were the main sponsors for the event. The LPN membership now exceeds 450 Lohana Professionals across the UK and LPN have a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - to join LPN see their wesite at www.LohanaProfessionals.org.uk. More events will be planned in the Midlands and the rest of UK over the coming months - watch their website for more details.
Lohana Charitable Foundation of Canada
Click here to see the newly launched website for the Lohana Mahajan in Toronto. Their Newsletter Archive page will take you to their latest eNewsletter published in November 2009. They are planning to host the first Ugandan Reunion in Toronto on May 23rd and 24th 2010 - more details on their website.
Other News & Events
Jalaram Mandir Greenford Live Webstreaming
A new website was launched recently for Jalaram Mandir West London - see www.JalaramMandir.co.uk for details of their event diary and the facilities they offer. The website has a live webstream facility for their daily aarti and other special events.
Shri Vallabh Nidhi Temple Website Launched
The new Sanatan Hindu Mandir on Ealing Road, Wembley will be completed in the next 3 months and the official opening is being planned for end May 2010. Priti Raichura, a young Lohana reporter for Aastha TV is presenting a 30 minute update soon on the Mandir - keep an eye on their TV channel and the Mandir website for broadcast details. Their new website was launched on 26th November 2009 - see www.SVNUK.org to check out the photo slide shows, DVD clips and make a donation on-line to this very worthy cause. A Facebook Group and a dedicated YouTube Channel have also been set up - links can be found on the website. .
Crawley Sanatan Hindu Mandir nears completion
The new Sanatan Hindu Mandir and Community Centre is Crawley is due to be completed very soon and opening for this Hindu Centre of Excellence is planned for May 2010. See their website at www.crawleyhindu.com for more details.
  Special Offer For Our Readers  
  Discount Tickets For SHAADI CHIC - 2010's Most Exhilarating & Enchanting Asian Bridal Show. The event promises to be London’s most glamorous and exclusive Asian Bridal Fashion Shows with a three-course meal, wine and live entertainment! Taking place for one night only at the lavish East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf on Saturday 20th February 2010, from 7 pm till midnight. Click here for more details. LCUK have secured a limited number of discounted tickets for our eNews Readers. Discounted prices are £65 (first row tables) and £55 (second row tables). To book your tickets, please email info@yourdreamshaadi.co.uk and quote LCUK010  
Reader's Contributions
Change In Indian Visa Rules proposed?
India has recently tightened its rules for long-term tourist visas. The move will affect thousands of foreigners living in the country or planning lengthy stays. Tourists on five or 10-year visas will have to leave the country every six months, and will have to wait for two months before they can re-enter India. Earlier, tourists on similar visas could leave India for short trips to Nepal or other close-by countries, before returning to India. Both the US and UK have expressed concern over the new guidelines because a large number of tourists and people of Indian origin live in these countries and travel frequently to India. The envoys of both countries have conveyed their reservations.
Shashi Tharoor Presentation
Author and activist Shashi Tharoor is a member of Parliament and the Indian Minister of State for External Affairs. India is fast becoming a superpower, says Shashi Tharoor -- not just through trade and politics, but through "soft" power, its ability to share its culture with the world through food, music, technology, Bollywood. He argues that in the long run it's not the size of the army that matters as much as a country's ability to influence the world's hearts and minds. Click here to watch this very powerful presentation from him - you will wish all Indian politicians were like this.
Fusion Indo-Masaai Dance?
Click here to see a YouTube video - a dialogue between kathak classical Indian dance and maasai dance . A unique combination of the two cultures and dances.
Cataract Information
A very useful and visual information on different types and causes for cataracts - Click here to see a Power Point presentation
McDonald's Confirm Their Chips Contain Beef Extract
For flavour enhancement, McDonald's French fry suppliers use a very small amount of beef flavour as a natural flavouring during the par-frying process at the potato processing plant. In the restaurant, the French Fries are cooked in vegetable oil. If you are interested in reviewing this information, please visit their web site at www.mcdonalds.com
Gujarati Google
This is good. Click here and just put the first English letter of the word you need information on and it shows you a number of choices in Gujarati. For example, if you place the letter "r" in the Google box it will show you all the possible Gujarati words that you can browse. When you click your choice, it shows you Gujarati sites and information in Gujarati. Keep playing (English in Gujarati) and you will see for yourself.
Gujarati Radio
Somebody has launched a 24 hour Gujarati Radio Station on the Internet. You can also send your requests and they will try their best to fullfil them. Click here and enjoy.
Condolences to the families of all the bereaved on behalf of the LCUK Executive, Trustees and Central Council members. May the souls of the sadly departed rest in peace. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti .......
Smt. Manjulaben Kantibhai Lukka of Southall (formerly Mbale) who passed away on 7th January 2010 aged 72 years.  
Shree Muljibhai Jamnadas Ruparelia of Chigwell Essex (formerly Kakira) passed away on 4th January 2010.
Smt. Anillaben Kantilal Thakrar of Luton passed away on 3rd January 2010
Shree Ashwin Premji Kheraj Kanani of Leicester passed away on 3rd January 2010 aged 49 years
Shree Tulsibhai Havabhai Sedani of Ilford (formerly Bombo, Uganda) passed away on 30th Dec 2009 aged 101 years.
Shree Nathalal Kalyanji Thakrar of Hendon (formerly Kampala) passed away on 29th Dec 2009 aged 99 years.
Smt. Narmadaben Dhirajlal Bhuptani of Queensbury, Edgware (formerly Jinja), mother of the LCUK President Smt. Pannaben Raja, passed away on 29th Dec 2009 aged 89 YEARS. Shree Dhirajlal Gopalji Bhuptani, husband of Smt. Narmadaben also passed away aged 91 years on 14th November 2009.
Shree Kantilal Gordhandas Mashru (formerly of Jinja, Uganda) passed away aged 78 on 25th December 2009
Shree Ranchhoddas Kalidas Gandesha (fondly known as "BHA" and formerly of Kabale, Uganda) passed away aged 103 years on 25th December 2009
Shree Natvarlal Rugnathji Modi of Queensbury, Edgware (formerly Nairobi) passed away on 22nd December 2009 aged 81 years.
Shree Natvarlal Devji Bharkahda of Edgware passed away on 20th December 2009 aged 59 years.
Shree Amratlal Ranchoddas Suchak passed away on 16th December 2009 aged 74 years.
Smt. Narmadaben Gopaljibhai Thakker (aged 87) of Mombasa, Kenya passed away on 17th December.
Smt. Neeta Nathwani of Toronto Canada, daughter of Dhirubhai and Bhartiben Nathwani, passed away on December 16, 2009.
Shree Kantilal Vallabhdas Patani of Coventry (formerly Tororo, Uganda) passed away on 12th December 2009 aged 75 years.
Shree Laxmidas Premjibhai Pau of Coventry (formerly Kakamega, Kenya) passed away on 12th December 2009 aged 92 years.
Smt. Diwaliben Maganlal Rajani of Crawley (formerly Blyntyre, Malawi) passed away on 12th December aged 81 years.
Smt. Prabhaben Dayalal Kotecha of Manchester (formerly Bombo/ Kampala) (Pankaj Textiles) passed away on 11th December aged 75 years.
Shree Purshotam Kanji Pabari of Luton (formerly Kampala) passed away on 11th December
Smt. Muktaben Dhanjibhai Meghani of Edgware (formerly Kishoro/ Kabale) passed away on 9th Dec aged 82 years.
Smt. Sezal(Sunita) Dillesh Devani of Stanmore, Wembley passed away on 8th Dec aged 40 years.
Anika Kotadia, daughter of Nitaben and Aswinbhai Kotadia passed away on 4th December aged 24 years.
Shree Ranchodbhai Ravji Mamtora of Harrow (formerly Kamuli) passed away on 4th December aged 85 years.
Smt. Manglaben Narandas Nanji Chandrani of Kenton (formerly Mabale,Uganda) passed away on 2nd December.
Smt. Rambhaben Nathalal Thakrar of Hayes (formerly Kakira) passed away on 27th November aged 87 years.
Shree Dilipbhai Mathuradas Tanna of Finchley (formerly Jinja) passed away on 27th November aged 56 years.
Smt. Sardaben Vithalbhai Chandarana of South Harrow (formerly Kakira) passed away on 23rd November aged 77 years.
Shree Kantilal Manmohandas Majeethia, born in Limbdi in Gujarat, India passed away in Pondicherry on 20th November aged 81 years.
Shri Ramnikbhai Odhavji Kotecha of Bukavu, D R Congo (formerly Bombo/ Kampala) passed away aged 71 Years on 17th November in Los Angeles, USA.
Shree Dinkerai (Dinubhai) Yeshlal Adatia of Leicester formerly of Kampala passed away on 8th November aged 78 years.
Smt. Bhartiben Rajnikant Vithlani passed away on 7th November aged 69 years.
Shree Kishorbhai Nanji Lakhani formely of Nairobi, Kenya passed away on 5th November aged 66 years.
Shree Manubhai Laljibhai Jagsi formerly of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania passed away on 4th November 2009 aged 85 years.
Smt. Kamlaben Shantilal Karia (Kamuben) of North London passed away on 26th October aged 83 years.
Shree Sureshbhai Premji Badiani passed away on 25th October In Kisumu aged 62 years.
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