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   Community News & Events  
  LCUK starts new work experience project  
  We mentioned in the last eNews about starting up an LCUK careers advise and job placement service. There has been a good feedback overall and we have our first set of 8 jobs for temporary Travel Insurance Staff for this Summer (Click here for details) and also some vacancies for Customer Service Advisers - three of the positions are in Mumbai in India and one in Beckenham in Kent (jobs are from minimum 4 months stay to 1 year). Mansukhbhai Ganatra, of FlexiCover Direct and Citybond Holdings PLC, has been very supportive and is willing to invest his company's time to help start off the LCUK project hence supporting our "For Lohanas by Lohanas" theme. This is an ideal opportunity for a young person to get work experience and start up in the travel insurance trade. Click here for more details on the jobs and contact our Careers Advise and Placement Service (CAPS) by email on for more details.  
  If your company is able to offer work experience in any field to young Lohanas then please contact us. We have a young Lohana student in North London doing his AS Levels who would like to get work experience this Summer for a few weeks working in a Dental practice - are you able to offer any help with this? Please contact us asap on - thanks is advance for your support. Are you an experienced Lohana professional who could spare a little time to help provide advise to our young Lohanas? We are starting a list by profession - your personal details or contact will not be given out. Please send us your details to or contact Ajay Jobanputra on 020 8657 4065 for more information.  
  LCMK goes on-line  
  Lohana Community Milton Keynes are the latest Lohana Mahajan to join us on the World Wide Web. Their website is under construction at - have a look. A big welcome to LCMK and our congratulations on the launch of their first website, with compliments of the LCUK.  
  LCSL to celebrate Ram Naumi and Hanuman Jayanti  
  Lohana Community South London is to celebrate both events on Sunday 1st April at Lan Franc School, Croydon, Surrey. Click here for more details.  
  LCUK Easter Sports 2007  
  This will be at Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April 2007. A range of individual and team sports are to be played over two days and social events on both nights - Badminton, Pool, Cricket, 5-a-side football, basketball, netball, volleyball and more. Golf will be played on Friday 6th April. See to get the registration form and the sports schedule or contact Dai Dattani (LSA 2007 Admin) on 07802 899 499 for more details.  
  LCUK Mehfil is on Sunday 8th April at Holiday Inn (formally Moat House Hotel), Barnet By-Pass, M25 Junc 23 to A1 - Tickets £20 inc buffet dinner. Timings 6:45pm till late. Tickets from Navin Bhuptani on 07958 688 318, Ashok Rach on 07956 450 895, Chandu Thakrar on 07956 181 013 or Girish Mashru on 07956 863 327. Book your tickets early to avoid disappointment for this very popular UK wide social event.  
  Youth Disco is to be hosted - for details contact Sheena on 07956 206 767 or Vikas on 07999 267 224.  
  The Easter Bazaar - to be held on both days at Gosling Sports Park. Various stalls for clothes, jewellery, hair & beauty products and demonstrations for all to enjoy free. Contact Varsha Rajani on 0121 459 9720 or Panna Raja on 07947 219 008 for more details or to hire a stall (£30 for hire). Food stalls are not allowed.  
  LCUK Variety Show 2007 Winners  
  This was hosted by Lohana Mahajan Leicester on Sunday 25th February 2007. The winners were Leicester Mahajan - 1st, West London - 2nd and Ashton - 3rd. Our congratulations to all the participants, their parents and Mahajans for all the very high standard entries.  
  LCUK Supports Bone Marrow Appeal  
  A dedicated mailshot was out sent out on 8th March to all our eNews subscribers to attend a clinic organised in a Harrow school by Anthony Nolan Trust for Pankajbhai Thacker. The appeal was very well received and we had good feedback for supporting such an urgent cause. We were very sad to hear that Pankajbhai, aged just 42 years, sadly passed away on 21st March. We urge all our subscribers to spread the word and register as bone marrow donors as our asian society is very lacking in such donors. The Anthony Nolan Trust only accepts donors between 18-40 years See the website for more details.  
   Forthcoming Religious & Cultural Events  
  Crawley Ram Katha 2007  
  Crawley Ram Katha 2007 - this Festival of Peace, Harmony and Progress will be hosted by the Gurjar Hindu Union, Crawley near Gatwick Airport from 14th to 23rd July 2007. The Katha will be recited by Pujya Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza. Check out their relaunched website and walkaround video tour of the Mandir project at  
  Chinmaya Mission UK Celebrate Hanuman Jayanti  
  Chinmaya Mission UK will be celebrating Hanuman Jayanti on Sunday 1st April 2007 with a pooja and 108 recitations of Shri Hanuman Chalisa by their Bhajan group "Swaranjali".

Chinmaya Mission UK welcomes you to take part on this auspicious occasion by becoming a yajmaan and sponsoring each of the 108 chantings of the Hanuman Chalisas for £108 each.

The celebrations will be held on Sunday 1st April 2007 (11 am - 7pm ) at Chinmaya Kirti, 2 Egerton Gardens, Hendon, London NW4 4BA. For further details, please contact Sanjive Sachdev on 07915 071 481.
   Readers Contributions  
  Olympics 2012 site may build Muslim Mega Mosque
Take a minute to cast your vote in the Evening Standard on-line poll to determine public opinion about whether a Mega mosque should be built for the London hosted Olympics. The vote so far is 57% in favour. It looks like the Muslim community is casting its vote in droves, and as usual the Hindus, Sikhs, Jain, Buddhist and Christians are burying their head in the sand. How can the government allow this, when there a mixture of faith at these Games? Instead of a Mega Mosque, there should be an Interfaith Centre, where any religion can go and pray. After voting, forward this to as many Londoners and other Brits as you can. click here to vote now
  The In Case of Emergency (ICE) campaign
Take a few seconds to read this and set up an ICE number on your mobile - very useful advise - click here
  Non-stop Gujarati Web Radio station
Sheetal Sangeet Web Radio is being operated from Toronto, Canada. Some nice Gujarati music and lovely bhajans all day long. Nice to have in the background if you are checking out your mailbox too. Click here to visit their website.
  What has Chandu learnt over the years?
An interesting article on a Reader's experiences over the years. Click here to have a read.
  Articles from our Readers are hosted on the website. If you have any interesting articles then email them to - please let us know if you have got the articles from another website so we can acknowledge them. Any comments and feedback welcome for all these articles - write to  
   Community Announcements  
  Smt Savitaben Popatlal Sodha of Leicester (formerly of Sotik - Kenya ) passed away on Thursday 11th January 2007 aged 80 years.  
  Shree Maganlal Keshavji Lukka of Crawley (formerly of Blantyre Malawi) passed away on 26th January  
  Shree Virjibhai Nenshi Devani aged 82 (formerly from Bombo Uganda) passed away on 31st January 2007 in Leicester  
  Smt Laxmiben Amritlal Khanderia passed away on 31st January in Toronto, Canada  
  Smt Ashaben Mukeshbhai Raithatha aged 48 (formerly of Namataba, Uganda) passed away on Sunday 4th February  
  Shree Hiralal Bhagwanji Hariani (formally of Kakamega, Kenya) aged 72 yrs passed away on 5th February in Denton, Manchester  
  Shree Amratlal Gokaldas Thobani aged 64 (formerly of Mbale, Uganda) passed away on 6th February in Hounslow, Middlesex  
  Shree Dipenbhai Kotak, brother of Anjanaben Sachdev, passed away on February 6th in New York at the young age of 45 years.  
  Shree Shashikant Amratlal Samani (formally of Masaka, Uganda) aged 62yrs of Leicester and Slough passed away on Monday 12th February  
  Smt Pushpaben Mangaldasbhai Pattani of Rayners Lane (formerly Tororo) passed away on 16th February at the age of 64 years.  
  Shree Laljibhai Juthabhai Radia of Hatch End (formerly Soroti) passed away on 17th February at the age of 86 years  
  Smt. Shantaben Chandubhai Kanani of South London (wife of past LCSL President late Shree Chandubhai Kanani) passed away on 20th February at the age of 70 years  
  Shree Dipenbhai Shantibhai Majithia of Moor Park (formerly Palisa) passed away on 21st February at the age of 44 years  
  Shree Maganlalbhai Chaganbhai Raithatha of Harrow (formerly Nairobi) passed away on 28th February at the age of 85 years  
  Smt Premkuuvarben Haridas Kotecha of North London (formerly Jinja) passed away on 15th March at the age of 87years  
  Smt Jayaben Gordhandas Dharamshi Kantaria passed away on 16th March in Nairobi, Kenya  
  Shri Natverlal Manilal Jobanputra (Natu) of Leicester (formerly of Kampala, Uganda) passed away on 19th March at the age of 71 years.  
  Smt Leenaben Dinkerrai Vadera of Pinner ( formerly Nairobi - Kenya ) passed away on 20th March aged 43 years.  
  Shree Pankaj Rohitbhai Thacker of Kingsbury (formerly Of Kisumu/ Mombasa) passed away on 21st March at the age of 42 years  
  Shree Rajendrakumar (Raju) Odhavjibhai Ganatra (Raghuvansi Sweet Mart) passed away on 21st March at the age of 51 years  
  Shree Ramanbhai Gokal, son of J.V. Gokal passed away on 22nd March in Mumbai, India at the age of 75 years.  
   Contributions & Feedback  
  If you have any contributions to make to our next e-newsletter, please email all relevant details / articles to News items provided will be included if relevant and with space permitting. The eNews Editorial team reserves the right to make amendments if and as necessary  
  Similarly, if you have any feedback to give us on this e-newsletter please email the Convenor Ajay Jobanputra on - thank you for your time and support.  
March 2007
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