Jai Shree Krishna. We hope you have enjoyed the Navratri and Diwali festivals and are looking foward to a new year which brings everyone lots of happiness, good health and prosperity. The President, Smt. Pannaben Raja , the LCUK Trustees, Executive Committee and Central Council Members wish you all a very happy New Year.
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LCUK Members Directory
We are pleased to inform you that the LCUK member’s directory was launched on Saturday, 2nd October 2010 at The Langley, Watford. The event was very well attended by the Advertisers, Presidents and members of local Majahans, Past Presidents and Past Trustees of LCUK, our Chief Guests, Thakrar family of HT and Co and many invited guests. This is the 5th edition of the directory since formation of the LCUK 32 year ago.

We are pleased to inform you that the directories are now available at your local Mahajan at £7.50. To purchase your copy please contact your local mahajan.

LCUK Delegates Conference
The 32rd Delegates Conference will be held on 5th December at Shree Lohana Mahajan, Smt. Nitben Gheewalal Centre, Leicester at 11.00. For more details please contact the Secretary, Sunilbhai Majithia on: 07956 452 190.
  Shok Samachar - Anni Dewani  

LCUK are deeply saddened by the tragic and untimely demise of Anni Dewani (formerly Hindocha), aged 28, cruelly murdered whilst on her honeymoon in South Africa on Monday 15th November 2010.

Anni's body was found in a taxi yesterday morning in a slum area of Cape Town. Anni and her husband Shrien Dewani, aged 31
were being driven to their hotel when the car was stopped by two armed robbers in an impoverished district.

After forcing the driver out, the villains sped off with the terrified couple, who had been married just two weeks ago.

An hour later, they released Shrien unharmed about five miles away in the huge township of Khayelitsha after robbing him. Anni's body was later found dead in the back seat of the vehicle in another part of the township.

Shrien Dewani and his family are based in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. Anni's parents are based in Sweden and are originally from Uganda.

Prathna Sabha will held
on Sunday 21st November 2010, from 4.00pm till 6.00pm at Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Wood Lane, Stanmore, Middx HA7 4LF

LCUK would like to express their deepest sympathies to both the Hindocha and Dewani families at this most tragic of losses. We sincerely pray to God that he gives them the strength, courage and faith to bear this loss. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

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Similarly, if you have any feedback to give us on this e-newsletter please email details to Hiteshbhai Thakkeron feedback@lcuk.org.uk - thank you for your time and support.
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