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  Thanks for your on-going support and input to the LCUK eNewsletter - our Reader's Contributions section continues to receive very interesting articles and the Lohana Achiever's section is very proud to recognise Lohanas who have achieved in all walks of life. Enjoy your Navratri celebrations - Jai Ambe Ma. The LCUK eNewsletter will be back after Diwali with a special issue - Happy Diwali and a peaceful and prosperous New Year from the LCUK President, Trustees, Executive, Central Council and all the eNews Reporters.  
   Community News & Events  
  LCUK launches www.LohanaMatchmaker.com  
  The LCUK Matrimonial sub-committee launched a new matrimonial website on 8th September 2007. An automated matching and introduction service is offered currently to all eligible Lohanas in the UK but will be opened up sometime in 2008 to Lohanas internationally. The website was launched at the first ever National Lohana Singles Ball hosted very successfully in Leicester which was actively supported by the LCUK. The Dhamecha Group are supporting the website - we thank the Dhamecha parivar for their continued support and encouragement for our projects. If you are eligible and register on-line within the next 4 weeks then you will qualify for a special offer of 50% reduction on the annual fee of £40 - a saving of £20 for all eNews Readers and family so pass the word around.  
  LCUK CAPS Project  
  Our Careers Advice and Placement Service (CAPS) is growing. We still have requirements from young Lohanas for placements / work experience in the fields of Marketing, Finance and Dentistry. Lohana companies and individuals have also responded and are able to offer work experience in Pharmacy in the Cambridge area. Please let us know if you are interested in any of the placements.  
  We have a great creative opportunity for a Fashion Design Student or recent Graduate in the same field. A growing ethnic menswear brand is looking for a talented and enthusiastic fashion design student to gain commercial experience by creating a unique design portfolio of sherwanis, jodhpuri suits and indo-western suits. Click here to see more details of the placement.  
  If your company is able to offer work experience in any field to young Lohanas then please contact us. Please contact us asap on CAPS@LCUK.org.uk - thanks in advance for your support. Are you an experienced Lohana professional who could spare a little time to help provide advice to our young Lohanas? We are starting a list by profession - your personal details or contact will not be given out. Please send us your details to CAPS@LCUK.org.uk or contact Ajay Jobanputra on 020 8657 4065 for more information.  
  YLANL to host The 'L' Factor  
  Been waiting to show off your dancing talents, practising your bathroom singing and are the family still laughing at your jokes? Young Lohaha Association North London will be hosting The 'L' Factor on Saturday 1st December 2007 - for more details see their website at www.YLANL.co.uk; to register interest email theLfactor@YLANL.co.uk.  
  Lohana Community of Southern California launches website  
  The Lohana Community in South California are very active and host many events like Holi, Jalaram Jayanti and Diwali D&D - to see their newly launched website click here  
  Jalaram Mandir Greenford support Gujarat Eye Camp  
  We are extremely fortunate that God has blessed us with eye sight. Think of those who are unfortunate and unable to see. Their eye sight could be restored but because they are poor they are condemned to blindness. Few individuals in our society care for these unfortunate blind people. Vindod Lodhia (Sarvdesic Satya Samaj) assisted by Shree Jalaram Mandir Greenford are planning to hold an eye camp in Gujarat to perform field operations. Cost is estimated to be around £10,000 for 100 plus people. We need your support - sponsor one operation at £100. All donations and expenses will be formally audited.  
  Please support personally by attending a Dinner & Dance event at the C&L County Club in West London on Sunday 8th December 2007. Ticket price is only £25. For more information please call Chandrakantbhai Rabheru on 0871 210 4525 during office hours.  
   Forthcoming Religious & Cultural Events  
  Many of the Lohana Mahajans in the UK are celebrating Navratri over the nine days followed by Sharad Poonam. Chopada Poojan and Diwali gatherings are also taking place across the UK - please see our main website at www.LCUK.org.uk for links to all those Lohana Mahajans that have details on their own websites.  
  Lohana gets First Class Law Degree  
  After graduating in Accounting and Finance from Warwick University Sachin Mithia, son of Subhashbhai and Nitaben Mithia of South London, has become one of the first students to win a first class law degree from the College of Law. The Croydon Guardian newspaper reported " Last year the college obtained the necessary powers from the Privy Council to award degrees, following a Government recommendation and full scale review by the Quality Assessment Agency (QAA) which validates the awards. Richard de Friend, the college's senior academic registrar, said the 86 students are to be specially congratulated on their firsts. This would be very significant achievement at any time, particularly because the college has purposely set an extremely demanding threshold for degrees of this class".  
  Ganesh Visarjan Day celebrated worldwide  
  Shree Jalaram Mandir, Greenford and Hindu Association Southend-on-Sea hosted the largest Ganesh Visarjan outside India in UK on Sunday 16th September 2007 on the sea front at Shoeburyness in Southend-on-Sea. Coaches came from various parts of UK and the event was attended by some 5,000 to 7,000 people. Our congratulations to the organisers and to the volunteers who helped make the day a success. A Ganesh Chaturthi and Visarjan was also hosted in Seoul, South Korea on 16th September 2007 - a first for the country - and bhajans were sung by Korean children.  
  Nagrecha Hall Inauguration  
  The Nagrecha family of East London hosted the opening ceremony of the Hariben Bachubhai Nagrecha Hall on Sunday 23rd September 2007 in Stratford, East London under the banner of their Nagrecha Charitable Trust. Around 1200 people, including a wide range of VIPs / dignitaries, attended the function which was very well organised. Hasubhai and Vinubhai Nagrecha are both ardent Lohana Community supporters and have actively worked with and supported LCEL, LCWL and LCUK. Our congratulations to the Nagrecha family on this very commendable achievement.  
  Culture Corner  
  The following articles in the Culture Corner have been provided by Daksha Thakrar - our new addition to the eNews Reporters Team.  
  Why study the Bhagvad Gita?  
  Of all the sacred texts of Hinduism, the Bhagavad Gita commands a pre-eminence. Hence we can boldly and emphatically assert that it is "the heart of Hinduism". The Gita is the crest-jewel of the Mahabharatha. The Gita is a scripture which tries to integrate the personality of the individual student and make him capable of facing dynamically all the challenges in his life. Click here to read more about the Gita.  
  Ganesha - The first amongst Gods  
  Ganesha, popularly known and easily recognized as the Elephant-God, is one of the most important deities of the Hindu pantheon (all the gods of a religion). Before every undertaking, however minor it be, Lord Ganesha is worshipped so as to invoke his blessings. Click here to read more about Lord Ganesh.  
  The significance of the form of Lord Shiva  
  Shiva is the last deity of the Hindu Trinity. He is responsible for the dissolution of the universe. Literally, Shiva is one in whom the universe "sleeps" after destruction and before the next cycle of creation. All that is born must die. All that is produced must disintegrate and be destroyed. This law cannot be violated. The principle that brings about this disintegration, the power behind this destruction, is Shiva. Click here to read more about Lord Shiva.  
  How to worship Mataji duing Navratri  
  Everything you wanted to know about the how and why. Click here to find out more.  
   Readers Contributions  
  History of the Gujarati Language  
  Gujarati is an Indo-Aryan language descending from Sanskrit, and part of the greater Indo-European language family. It is native to the Indian state of Gujarat, and is its chief language. There are about 46 million speakers of Gujarati worldwide, making it the 26th most spoken native language in the world. All those who wish to learn the detailed history of Gujarati language, please visit the site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gujarati_language  
  A Mother's Job Description  
  Is it the same as a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations? Click here to read a mother's experience - you will respect the job even more...  
  Communist China hankers after Akshardham  
  The new Swaminarayan temple in Delhi is one of the grandest Hindu temples in the capital and has been built with a lot of thought and precision. An architectural marvel, the Akshardham temple is well renowned. Soon a replica of it will be constructed, thousands of miles away in China. Click here for more details on the first Hindu temple project in communist China…  
  Proud to be Indian  
  With 1.1 billion residents, the world's largest democracy is poised to dominate the world stage. One of India's wealthiest men gives an insider's view into his country's dynamic transformation, revealing the forces and unique characteristics behind India's meteoric rise. The buzz word of the 21st century is "India" - and it's not just a story of software, outsourcing, and faraway call centers.

With the economy soaring at 8% a year, India is a medical and pharmaceutical front-runner, an R&D powerhouse, a rising manufacturing hub, and an up-and-coming cultural trend-setter in areas from fashion to film. And the world is taking note: Western companies from Lockheed Martin to McDonald's are moving in, Ford is setting up factories, Coca-Cola is heading to the countryside in rickshaws, and research centers for Fortune 500 companies are popping up everywhere. Meanwhile, the U.S. military is forging close ties, as India has become a key strategic partner
  · India is the fastest-growing free-market economy.
· India is the world's top destination for retailers.
· India has the world's youngest workforce (over 500 million   people under 25).

  Lata Mangeshkar 'Queen of Melody' turns 78  
  India's top female singer Lata Mangeshkar, has lent her voice to thousands of songs as a playback singer from the 1950's to today. In the last 60 years she has sung around 50,000 songs in many Indian languages in the form of ghazals, classical songs, bhajans, film songs and even pop. In a career spanning more than six decades, Lataji has been the number one vocalist and has won numerous awards. Click here to read more on Lataji.  
  'Swargarohan' in Gujarati means 'ascent to heaven'  
  See a very comprehensive website, with lots of interesting things to see, hear and watch - www.swargarohan.org. It contains Ramayana, Mahabharat, Gujarati bhajans, Gopi Geet, Bhagvad Geeta, kavita, dayro, etc  
  Thakur Ka Inteqam - Gabbar Singh ki har!  
  Turn your speakers on, sit back and enjoy the video clip by clicking here. If you like chewing gum you will love this?!
  Interest & Exchange Rates  
  Financial market turbulence has clouded the outlook for the future path of interest and exchange rates. More restrictive credit conditions suggest that rate hikes are less likely in the period ahead in the UK and US (with US rate cuts a possibility if conditions deteriorate further). We are also likely to be nearer the peak in short-term interest rates in the Eurozone than previously anticipated. To read the RBS Group report on the subject, click here  
  Religions and Diets  
  It may be said with some degree of certainty that followers of Eastern religions - like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism - generally agree in their support of nonviolence and a meatless lifestyle. But such a collective stance among followers of Western religions - like Judaism, Christianity and Islam - may not be asserted with the same confidence. Many deeply religious souls in the West eat meat because it is sanctioned in their holy books. Others refrain for a variety of reasons, including their sense of conscience that it is just not right, regardless of what scriptures say. Certainly, many scriptural references to food and diet are ambiguous at best. The issue is complicated. Click here to read more on this interesting subject.  
  Articles from our Readers are hosted on the www.Lohana.info website. If you have any interesting articles then email them to eNews@LCUK.org.uk - please let us know if you have got the articles from another website so we can acknowledge them. Any comments and feedback welcome for all these articles - write to Feedback@LCUK.org.uk.  
   Community Announcements  

Chandni daughter of Arvindaben and Bharatbhai Gokaldas Ruparel of South London got engaged to Milesh son of Krishnaben and Rasiklal Pragji Lakhani. Our heartiest congratulations to the couple and their families.

  Demise of Dr L M Singhvi - Jurist, statesman and former member of Parliament L M Singhvi died in the Max Devki Devi Hospital in New Delhi on 6th October. He was 76 years old and India's longest serving High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Dr. Singhvi was also a prolific author, poet, publicist, linguist, litterateur and patron of art and culture. He was a BJP member of the Rajya Sabha from 1998 to 2004.  
  Smt. Jaishreeben Mukeshbhai Vithlani (daughter of Khodidasbhai Dhamecha) of Hatch End, formerly of Kisumu, passed away on Saturday 13th October at the age of 52 years.
  Vijay Pankaj Thakar, grandson of Niruben and J.P.Thakar of North London, sadly passed away on Wednesday 3rd October at the age of 5 months.  
  Shree Chandubhai Bhinda of South London (formerly of Mombasa) passed way on 2nd October aged 82 years.  
  Shree Chitranjan Dwarkadas Nathwani (formerly of Jinja) passed away in Vienna, Austria on 1st October 2007 at the age of 63 years.  
  Smt. Muktaben Popatlal Jeram Nathwani of Watford (formerly Kabale) passed away Saturday 29th September at the age of 92 years.  
  Shree Narendrabhai Nanalal Gadhia of Burnt Oak (formerly Kampala) passed away Saturday 29th September at the age of 66 years.  
  Shree Vasantbhai Lajibhai Tanna of Edgware (formerly Kisumu) passed away on 28th September at the age of 66 years.  
  Smt. Nirmalaben Ramniklal Chandarana daughter of Nanjibhai Bhimji Popat, passed away on Friday 28 September aged 77 years.  
  Smt. Vijyaben Muljibhai Raja of Harrow (formerly Nairobi) passed away on 25th September aged 81 years.  
  Shree Jayantilal Odhavjibhai Bagdai of Harrow (formerly Kampala) passed away on 20th September at the age of 76 years.  
  Shree Kishorebhai Damodardas Budhdeo, previously of Mombasa, Kenya passed away in Leicester on Friday, September 14 after a short illness at the age of 63.  
  Shree Ratilal Bhimji Rach, husband of Gangaben passed away in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on Monday, September 10th at the age of 78.  
  Shree Purshottambhai Valji Kotecha, husband of Sumitraben, passed away peacefully on Thursday September 6th 2007, in Midland, Michigan, USA.  
  Smt. Manekben Morarjibhai Thakrar of Wembley (formerly Masaka) passed away on 6th September at the age of 87 years.  
  Smt. Gangaben Chaganbhai Raichura of Finchley (formerly Kisumu) passed away on 3rd September at the age of 80 years.  
  Smt. Prabhaben Nanjibhai Badiani of Wembley (formerly of Nairobi) passed away on 2nd September at the age of 78 years.  
  Smt. Damyantiben Laxmidas Ghelani of Harrow (formerly Nairobi) passed away on 24th August at the age of 84 years.  
  Shree Avinashbhai Kalyanjibhai Pabari of South London (formerly Dar Es Salaam), husband of Vasantiben Avinash Pabari, passed away on Wednesday 22nd August aged 68 years.  
  Shree Atvasantbhai Babulal Nagji Popat formerly of Kampala passed away on 20th August.  
  Smt. Diwaliben Liladharbhai Amlani of Queensbury (formerly Kampala) passed away on August 18th at the age of 100 years.  
  Shree Jayantibhai Vrajdas Devani of Harrow (formerly Kampala) passed away at the age of 84 years.  
  Smt. Anilaben Jayantilal Dattani, wife of Jayantilal Girdharlal Madhavji Dattani passed away on 15th August at the age of 55 years.  
  Smt Tanulataben Thaker (Khiroya) nee' Ruparelia, wife of Late Girdharlal Goverdhandas Thaker, passed away in New York on 07th Aug aged 82 years.  
   Contributions & Feedback  
  If you have any contributions to make to our next e-newsletter, please email all relevant details / articles to enews@lcuk.org.uk. News items provided will be included if relevant and with space permitting. The eNews Editorial team reserves the right to make amendments if and as necessary  
  Similarly, if you have any feedback to give us on this e-newsletter please email the Convenor Ajay Jobanputra on feedback@lcuk.org.uk - thank you for your time and support.  
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